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A downloadable game for Windows

Greetings !

This is the first game that I made using RPG Maker so please, bash me with all the complaint and criticism you can on it. I would love to know where did I did wrong and improve myself from it.

Because of time issue, I forgot to put the credit page in the game.  Rest assured, I'll upload another version of the game with full credit and who knows, more content *nudge nudge * into it.

I guess that is all. Thank you for anyone who play this game. Please give harsh criticism or just comment something after you done playing it, okay?

P.S. As I haven't testplay it to anyone else rather than myself so there are might be some moment in the game that you got stuck because of bug. I apologise in advance if you're one of the people who experience this.

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Published 7 days ago


Trail If.rar (57 MB)

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